Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 3

We woke up early today cause they're were taking measurements. They started at 9:00 and we arrived around 8:30 to de-rig *every single rope* off the boat. It took us incredibly long to take off everything, especially since the boat was a lot different than the ones we have in Toronto. We made it in line in 15th place. It's a decent place until you find out that it took over 1 hour to finish the first boat. The process sped up in the end because of the fact they became more experienced.

Our boat finally came up and we were ready to be measured. We had a problem with the centerboard because it was too long and we were supposed to get a new one anyways. As well we have to wait for new sails so that we can write "CAN" on them. Overall our boat passed and we have a certificate for it. After an hour our new centerboard came and its brand new. We had to drill in the holes for the rope as well. We got it measured and it passed.

Now we're done the measuring process and planned to go sailing but the weather: it rained a bit and the wind speed is 25 knots and wind gusts reach 35 knots. We are hoping to get out as soon as possible to train for the first time. The UK Nationals start tomorrow at 13:00. Until then we are planning to rest up.

We spent some time going around town looking for items we need to buy for tomorrow's regatta's. We need to pick up the sail lettering and burgee bracket. As well we have to study lots and lots of racing rules!! Can't let others trick us while on the course.

Till then!

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